Identify Anonymous Website Visitors

Only 3% of the people who visit your site fill out a contact form -- the rest leave without ever reaching out. That’s where website visitor tracking comes in, it allows you to identify your anonymous website visitors and gather information on the other 97%.

Buyer Intent Data

Buyer intent data is information collected by tracking your website visitors through online signals such as engagement on a website, internet searches, content downloads, form submissions, etc. that indicates potential customers’ intent to purchase. These measurements are made up of first and third-party data.

  • First-party intent data comes from tracking your website, either by identifying the anonymous visitors coming to your site or when an individual fills out a form and provides their name and contact information.
  • Third-party intent data providers collect data from thousands of websites and identify when your prospects are researching particular topics on those sites.

Website Engagement

Also referred to as first-party intent data, this is information you collect about actions your website visitors take on your site. These can include anything from page views, form fills, content downloads, and more. Savvy marketers can use these signals as indications of increased interest in a product and can be used to determine when a visitor is ready to receive a sales or marketing activities. 

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